High Paying Automotive Jobs That Over $100K in 2024

Automotive jobs that pay over $100K include positions such as dealership principals, automotive sales directors, and senior design engineers. Master mechanics with specialized skills also command high salaries.

Exploring a career in the automotive industry offers a road to lucrative opportunities for skilled professionals. With the constant evolution of automotive technology and an increase in luxury vehicle demand, high-paying roles are abundant for those with the right expertise.

Dealership principals, who oversee the entire operation of car dealerships, can see earnings in the six-figure range due to the vast nature of their responsibilities. Similarly, automotive sales directors, orchestrating large sales teams and strategies, often enjoy significant compensation.

For innovators and creators, senior design engineers, responsible for the conception of new vehicle designs, find their unique skills highly rewarded. Additionally, master mechanics, particularly those with certifications in high-end, electric, or rare vehicles, are in a position to earn well above $100K.

As the industry grows, the potential for high earnings in these specialized roles continues to accelerate, driving career-minded individuals to seek advancement within these profitable niches of the automotive world.

High-paying Auto Careers

Embark on an exciting journey through high-paying auto careers. Strap in and take a peek at the top tier of the automotive industry.

Importance Of Automotive Industry

A critical part of our economy, the auto industry holds massive influence. It provides a significant number of jobs and drives technological innovation.

  • Jobs: From engineers to mechanics, countless individuals find work in this industry.
  • Innovation: The quest for better performance and efficiency leads to amazing technological strides.

Scope With $100k Salaries

In the auto world, high-paying roles await those with the right skills. $100K salaries are not uncommon, but what jobs are on offer?

   Job Title Job Role 

  Automotive Engineer Develop next-gen vehicle designs.  

  Auto Sales Manager Head up a team selling new and used cars.  

  Auto Shop Owner Manage your own auto repair business.  

  With suitable qualifications and experience, you can tap into these lucrative career options.

The Auto Executive Suite

The Auto Executive Suite hosts the top-paying positions in the automotive industry. Occupants of this suite influence industry trends, spearhead product launches, and manage intricate operations. Let’s explore a few high-paying roles.

Automotive Brand Manager

The Automotive Brand Manager shapes the brand’s vision, leads marketing strategies, and drives sales growth. Critical responsibilities include analyzing market trends, planning product launches, and developing pricing approaches.

  • Education Requirement: Degree in Marketing or Business
  • Experience: Minimum of 5 years in Marketing

Brand managers can earn over $100K annually based on their experience and the company’s size.

Regional Sales Managers: Role And Pay

Regional Sales Managers direct regional sales strategies to meet targets. Duties include supervising sales teams, setting sales goals, and representing the company in their territory.

  • Education Requirement: Business or Sales related degree
  • Experience: Proven record in sales management

Regional Sales Managers in automotive jobs earn an average of $105K per year, with top earners netting over $140K.

Director Of Operations: Duties And Payout

Director of Operations in the automotive industry oversees daily operations, leads strategic planning, and ensures efficiency. This high-level position plays a crucial role in an organization’s growth and success.

  • Education Requirement: Degree in Business Management
  • Experience: Minimum 10 years in operations management

The role guarantees a hefty payout, with salaries ranging between $150K and $200K annually.

Speedway To Fortune: High Paying Motorsports Careers

Motorsports is a fast-paced, thrilling industry. Careers here can lead to superb earnings. We focus on three jobs paying more than $100,000 annually.

List Of Jobs in The Automotive Industry

The automotive industry is a dynamic and thriving sector that offers a multitude of exciting career opportunities. From designing cutting-edge vehicles to ensuring their smooth operation on the road, the automotive field encompasses a diverse range of professions.

  • Automotive Engineer: Automotive engineers are at the forefront of innovation, designing and developing the next generation of vehicles. They work on everything from vehicle systems and components to safety features, aiming to create efficient, reliable, and environmentally friendly automobiles.


  • Automotive Technician: These professionals are the backbone of the industry, specializing in diagnosing and repairing vehicles. Automotive technicians work in repair shops, dealerships, and service centers, ensuring that vehicles are in optimal condition and addressing issues with engines, brakes, and electrical systems.


  • Auto Designer: Auto designers use their creativity to shape the visual appeal of vehicles. They work on the aesthetics, functionality, and ergonomics of automobiles, creating concept drawings and prototypes. Auto designers contribute significantly to the overall look and feel of the vehicles we see on the road.


  • Manufacturing Engineer: Responsible for the production process, manufacturing engineers work to optimize efficiency and quality on the assembly line. They design and implement manufacturing systems, ensuring that vehicles are built with precision and meet industry standards.


  • Automotive Sales Representative: Working in dealerships or showrooms, automotive sales representatives connect with customers, automotive jobs that pay over $100k providing information about different vehicle models and guiding them through the purchasing process. Strong communication and automotive jobs that pay over $100k customer service skills are essential in this role.


  • Automotive Electrician: Specializing in vehicle electrical systems, automotive electricians install and repair wiring, lighting, and electronic components. They play a crucial role in maintaining the functionality of a vehicle’s electrical systems.

Race Engineers

Race engineers make racing cars perform their best. They need deep knowledge of car mechanics and physics. The best earn above $100,000 every year.

  • Study: Earn a mechanical engineering degree.
  • Experience: Gather racing industry experience.
  • Skills: Excel in calculation and communication.

Pit Crew Manager

In the blur of a pit stop, the pit crew manager is king. They must command and coordinate a team working in extreme conditions. Top managers rake in around $150,000 annually.

   Education: Relevant mechanical or management degree.  

  Experience: Previous pit crew work.  

  Skill:  Quick decision-making in high-stress situations.  

  Motorsport Team Manager

As the brains of the operation, motorsport team managers helm everything. They handle resources, strategy, and people. Salaries routinely surpass the $200,000 mark.

  1. Education: Hold a degree in motorsport management or business.
  2. Experience: Have extensive motorsport industry exposure.
  3. Skills: Master leadership, planning, and budgeting.

Cruise Control With Engineering: High Paid Auto Engineers

Cruise Control with Engineering: High-paid auto Engineers light the path to automotive jobs exceeding $100K. The rise in auto technology has raised the bar for engineer salaries. If you are passionate about cars and engineering, these high-paid automotive jobs that pay over $100k positions may be the match for you.

Automotive Design Engineer

A key role is filled by the Automotive Design Engineer. Working on the car of the future is their draft. They create sketches, build prototypes, and use CAD for 3D models. An annual salary well above $100K is the expected reward for this crucial task.

Vehicle Safety Engineer

The hero behind Safer Roads is the Vehicle Safety Engineer. Analyzing crash data, redesigning car parts, and crafting safety procedures is their daily life. With their solid contribution to public safety, they earn over $100K.

NVH (noise, Vibration, And Harshness) Engineer

The unseen hero is the NVH Engineer. Cutting down noise, reducing vibration, and softening harshness for a smooth ride is their mandate. The reward for ensuring comfort in vehicles is a substantial salary of over $100K.

Pit Stop To Academic Lanes: Teaching Auto Technology

The automotive industry offers more than just mechanic roles. A pivot to academic careers like teaching auto technology opens opportunities to earn six figures. Here are jobs that can rake in over $100K a year.

Auto Tech Professor Salary

Paying well above other teaching positions, an Auto Tech Professor role is worth looking into. Professors leverage both industry experience and academic knowledge to train the next generation of professionals.

  • An entry-level professor starts at around $70,000 a year.
  • As you climb up the ranks, your salary increases.
  • At the top, an Auto Tech Professor can earn well over $130,000 annually.

Automotive Research & Scholarly Payouts

Contributing to the academic field can also be lucrative. Extensive research and scholarly work often yield financial rewards.

  • Automotive Research Scientist: Entails planning, conducting, and analyzing experiments. Salary ranges vary, but experienced researchers can expect over $100,000.
  • Automotive Engineering Professor: Combines teaching with research work. Salary reaches upwards of $114,000 on average.

In the academic world, a pivot from pit stop to lectern can fuel any automotive professional’s career growth while reaching a comfortable financial status.

Qualifications For Auto Jobs

Getting the right qualifications can make a great difference when aiming for high-paying jobs in the auto industry. Below are some of the key pillars for securing auto jobs that pay over $100K.

Education & Training

Education plays a critical role in landing desirable jobs in the auto industry. Consider these courses:

  • Automotive Technology Degree: This course introduces the principles of automotive systems.
  • Auto Repair Diploma: It covers practical skills for vehicle maintenance and repair.
  • Master’s in Automotive Engineering: This qualification is for advanced and specialized roles.

Continuing education is also essential to keep up with the evolving automotive technologies.

Experience & Skills

Besides education, acquiring related experience and developing relevant skills are equally important.

  1. Work Experience: Gaining hands-on experience through internships or part-time jobs is valuable.
  2. Technical Skills: Understanding complex automobile systems is essential.
  3. Certifications: Certificates like ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) can give you an edge.
  4. Soft Skills: Skills like problem-solving and communication are crucial in this field.

To conclude, both education and experience play significant roles in securing high-paying auto jobs.

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What Is The Highest Paying Job In Automotive?


The highest-paying job in the automotive industry typically belongs to automobile engineers. They design new vehicles or update existing models, securing a high income.


What Job Do I Need To Make 100k A Year?


Jobs like software engineer, pharmacist, or business consultant can net a 100K annual salary. Others include orthodontists, data scientists, and investment bankers.


What Is The Highest Paying Job?


The highest paying job varies, but currently, physicians, surgeons, oral and maxillofacial surgeons, or anesthesiologists often hold the top spots. Their salaries often exceed $200,000.


What Car Companies Pay The Best?


Top-paying car companies include luxury brands like Ferrari, BMW, and Mercedes Benz. Tesla also offers attractive salaries. Pay varies based on role, experience, and location. High profits often result in better employee compensation.


Final Thought 


Securing a high-paying automotive job requires the right blend of passion, skills, and experience. With certain professions in the automotive automotive jobs that pay over $100k, opportunities are abundant. Indeed, achieving this mark is made easier with meticulous career planning, constant learning, dedication, and persistence. Thus, pursuing a path in the automotive field can lead to a prosperous and fulfilling career.

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